Sunday, January 6, 2008

January Shipment

Just wondering when to expect the January shipment. Anyone have any inside information?


Tyler said...

Yes, it should be going out soon. I'm not sure when, I don't work for Hill Country (wish I did), but I am the designer. So it should be coming soon. I hope you like the pattern.

Administrator said...

All but two of the domestic shipments went out this week, so most of you will be receiving your shipments soon! The other two domestic shipments and the international shipments are scheduled to go out next week.


annealice said...

I am having a problem with Round 2 under Shape Gusset as Follows. Is it correct? The pattern is all messed up when I follow it. Up to here I love the pattern.

Tyler said...

Dear Anne-Alice,

I have checked both of my patterns, and they seem to be correct. I had the pattern corrected by three people, and none had this problem, and I also tested it. I am not sure what to say, what I can and will do is knit that part of the pattern and fix any mistakes that are there.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any further problems, concerns, and pictures.

Tyler Macek