Friday, September 7, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Got my yarn and have the sock on the needles! The photo I took a little earlier today, I am actually on the heel flap now...I'm really enjoying the pattern and the yarn...I can actually keep this pattern in my head...what do you know! :) Now picture this longer :)


Brenda said...

just wanted to say that I only ended up with 20 stitches to pick up on the gusset and they look right..can someone clarify for me? it says 30...still LOVE the attern and yarn

MomWhoFan said...

Hey there, everyone! I'm pretty excited about this club. This is the first time I've joined a club and the second time I've knit socks.

I assume everyone received the same color (Periwinkle) yarn? It's a very pretty color and one that I would have chosen, so I'm happy about that.

Being new to the art of sock knitting, I have a few questions about the pattern. I'm hoping one of you more experienced knitters will help me out.

The pattern states it's for a 7" circum., 7 1/2" end of toe/end of heel length. I know I've got big feet, but wow! My length is 10"! How do I adjust the pattern for the length, and how/where do I measure for the circumference? Around the part of the foot that joins with the shin, around the ball of the foot, around the arch???

Can't wait to start these socks! And thanks for any help you can toss my way.