Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Second Shipment Ready To Go!

Hello Sock Club Members! Our second installment of the Hill Country Yarns Sock Club is scheduled to start shipping out this week. Half of the shipments will go out this week and the second half will go out the following week. We apologize that we are about 2 weeks behind in getting the second installment out, but we've been blessed with many wholesale orders that put us slightly behind. Thank you for your patience -- we're sure you'll find that this second installment was worth waiting for!!!


Little Jezzie said...


MomWhoFan said...

Alright! I just opened my package and my daughter really, really likes this yarn. Do I see a debate in the future over these socks?? LOL! Does anyone have any tips on how I can post photos on here? I can't seem to figure it out.

hildiesmom said...

Love the yarn. Love the sock. Hate that the pattern is missing a page. Anyone else?

MomWhoFan said...


I haven't started my socks yet, but just checked the pattern. In glancing through the directions, I seem to have the whole pattern (two sheets of paper, 3 pages in total). It has the "cover" photo with yarn, gauge, needle and sock size information, the second page with the pattern notes, stitch pattern, toe, foot and heel info, and page three with the leg, cuff and bind off instructions. I'm sure it was an oversight when they were packing all the materials.

Has anyone started this sock yet?